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Nilofer Merchant on the New Rules for the #SocialEra

Nilofer Merchant at TEDLast time we spoke with Nilofer Merchant
 we focussed on her groundbreaking book, ‘The New How’.

Today Nilofer is back, this time to speak about her new book, “11 Rules For Creating Value in the #SocialEra”  – a deeply thought-through manifesto for those executives and others who are trying to make sense – at a high level – of the new social era we all live and work in.

If you’ve ever found yourself wrestling with the definition of  ‘community’ (and the role of community in commerce) now that we live in a seemingly completely connected world, then Nilofer’s book – and this interview – will be eye-opening.Get The New Rules For The Social Era on Kindle

Listen and be excited. You can get a copy of  “11 Rules For Creating Value in the #SocialEra” on your Kindle, here.

(Running time is approximately 33 minutes.)

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