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Nilofer Merchant

Nilofer MerchantNilofer Merchant is a corporate director speaker, and HBR columnist. Listen to this interview and you’ll soon get that she’s passionate about wanting to inspire cultures of innovation everywhere.

The New How

Nilofer is a fellow contributor with me to Michael Bungay-Stanier’s End Malaria project, and as you’ll know if you read her article there – or any of her other writings – she is one of the few people I know who can be described as truly brilliant.

Nilofer has a deep commitment to creating a culture of innovation – and she has lived the walk. As you’ll hear, Nilofer has held executive positions in organizations such as Apple, started and sold her own multi-million dollar business and regularly advises leading corporations on that very topic.

Listen and be excited. You can get a copy of ‘The New How’ here.

(Running time is approximately 30 minutes.)

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