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Interpreting your VOP-S Scores

An in-depth analysis of your scores from our Leadership Styles quiz.

Once you’ve taken the Leadership Styles quiz, and received your results, watch this short video to get a deeper understanding of what your scores mean.

Not taken the assessment yet? Click here to access it.

Do you have questions or comments on the video, your personal score, or the VOPS roles? Post them below and I’ll answer them:

  • Ariëlla Krijger

    A clear explanation. Thank you!

    • You’re very welcome, Ariella – glad it helped.

  • Andre Pilon

    Interesting even intriguing. I guess I can say it takes it’s real value when the team or principal collaborators take it too?

    • Correct – we have team-based and 360 versions available to help with this.

  • Jim Carney

    Will your book be available on Audible any time soon?

  • Drew Hampshire

    Les, thanks, thats very clear, highly personally insightful as well. I need to think on all this some and let it all sink in. Again, thanks!

    • Cool – let me know your feedback once it has percolated, Drew. Hope all is well.

  • rontester

    I thought the video was an excellent overview of the different styles and brought some context to my own results. I am looking forward to reading The Synergist so I can see how to develop those helpful characteristics. I shared my survey findings with my right-hand person and they literally laughed out loud at how accurate your description was. Thanks, Les, for your valuable insight!

    • Hey – I like it when I hear about ‘laugh-out-loud’ recognition 🙂 Glad it helped, Ron. Looking forward to meeting you at December’s workshop.

  • Nuzhat

    Thank you so much Les it has proved very useful and informative for me 🙂

    • Glad it was useful Nuzhat. We appreciate the feedback

  • Thank you for this video – very helpful!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Terri. Let us know if we can help in any way in the future.

  • Thanks! I have found this very useful and we are considering your approach as we grow our company.

    • Thanks, Tracy. Glad you found it useful. Let me know if we can help further.

  • Laurie Geoffroy

    This was extremely useful. I am passing on your assessment link to some of my HR colleagues as I see this concept valuable in so many different areas! I have signed up for the webinar and am very much looking forward to viewing it!

    • Thanks, Laurie. The assessment is valuable in a range of different areas. Do let me know if we can help you or your colleagues in any way.

  • Becky Turner

    Thanks so much for this wealth of information!! I have a very low synergistic score (80) and know that it has caused me more frustration than I would like. And as I grow my business I know that increasing this score at least to above trace is critical. I will finish reading The Synergist and than consider some online coaching. I will be in touch.

    • SarahBerger

      Becky, so glad you’re finding the information helpful! We’d be happy to assist you with online coaching. Enjoy the book, and then let us know how we can help!

      Sarah Berger
      Community Manager, Predictable Success

  • Henry

    Thanks a lot for the video information. Based on the video presentation I am kind of FTFR-binary but I am not interested senior positions though I need to be one. What should I do? Since I need always to be near the beneficiaries not Senior positions

  • Robert Boris

    Thank you kindly for the video. Makes sense and helps me understand even further. Loved the presentation at Inc 500/5000 and looking forward to implementing and utilizing.

    • SarahBerger

      Robert, glad to hear that the video was helpful to you, and thank you for your kind words about the Inc 500/5000 presentation. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to assist you, we’re happy to help!

      Sarah Berger
      Community Manager, Predictable Success

  • Kelvin_Ang

    It’s really interesting to hear that I belong to a very rare binary combination of V-P (where I am 480V/330P). The free resources have been really helpful so far and I’ll look forward to acquiring the book (doubt I’d be able to really finish it :P) and maybe sitting down to finish up as much of the series as possible.

    • SarahBerger

      Kelvin, we’re happy to hear the resources have been so helpful and hope you will enjoy the book as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any additional assistance!

      Sarah Berger
      Community Manager, Predictable Success

  • Amanda

    Hey Les – thanks for this. I am a Dominant Visionary who is learning in the last few years to exercise the muscle of my Synergist (which is currently my Secondary Style).

    I am a yoga and meditation teacher but also work with a team of international teachers on a regular basis to support our world-wide network of teachers and students. I also lead workshops, teach and and help to create events themed around health and spirituality and facilitate women’s spirituality gatherings and studies. This all requires effort that I have avoided at all cost in the past and really can’t stand on a regular on-going basis.

    True to my Visionary status, I get uneasy with details and with consistency in systems and structure. I now want to grow in these areas. Why? Because I want to succeed in my career path – ultimately getting paid well while helping people change their relationship to their mind and body for the better. This year I stepped out on my own as an Independent Contractor and find these “Trace Styles” areas very important to be able to cross-over into on a regular basis. I am far more open to it now than ever before which is good because man, I am in need more now than ever of this kind of practical growth.

    Thank you for your work – you’ve put a name to influences and tendencies that I knew were there but couldn’t put my finger one. Any suggestions from you are most welcome when it comes to taking this information and applying it to my personal situation.

    • SarahBerger

      Hi Amanda,

      So glad to hear that the VOPS roles and materials resonate with you! Regarding your question, the best first step would be to pick up The Synergist book, as it contains lots of tips that will enable you to use your your natural style to enhance all of your relationships. You may also be interested in watching our free webinar, How to be an exceptional Visionary Leader, which is available on the Predictable Success website.

      Please do let us know if we may be of any additional assistance, we’re happy to help in any way we can.

      Kind Regards,

      Sarah Berger
      Community Manager, Predictable Success

  • Thanks so much for the video and the two great books. I have confusion on 2 items. I am a dominant V with a secondary S and only traces with the O,P.

    My first question is: How does the S work with the Dominant V? Does it mean I can or have learned to do the others but need to stay out of the O,P areas? Im an executive pastor so trying to figure out how to use this info to keep me in my strengths as much as possible.

    Second question is: Do we need to have all 3 (V,O,P) roles on our executive team? If my secondary is S can I make up for them through the learned skills and behaviors I have developed over time?

    Thanks again for all your work. It has truly been a great tool for myself and many others as we have taken them through it.

    • SarahBerger

      Hi Todd,

      Thank you for your kind words, we’re so glad that the books and resources have been so helpful to you and your organization.

      Regarding your question about your VS mix, this means you have a preference to set the direction of the organization and ensure there is buy-in from the team. You will want to make sure you surround yourself with good Os and Ps whose focus will be on implementation.

      As for your second question, this article examines the balance of leadership styles needed for scalable success:

      Kind Regards,

      Sarah Berger, Community Manager, Predictable Success