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Why Good Leaders Get Passed Over

A version of this article appeared at A while back we looked at the four key reasons good leaders go unrecognized. But there’s another category of leader – one who experiences even more frustration: leaders who are recognized as such,…

5 Ways to Survive a Terrible Boss

A version of this article first appeared at   There’s nothing more debilitating than heading into work every day depressed at the thought of having to face your dysfunctional boss. Founders, in particular, have a tendency to…

Why your team is stuck in a time warp

 A version of this article first appeared at Team dynamics are complicated, and only a charlatan would claim to be able to diagnose the underlying causes of a team’s dysfunction instantaneously. One exception stands out, however….

Get A Room

When I coach executive teams, a recurring issue is discovering that everyone on the team is in a different room. I’m not talking here about the challenges of virtual meetings, but rather, what goes on inside the head of individuals when they get…