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The 20 Most Powerful Words in Business

A version of this article first appeared at Success in business is relatively simple: Make good decisions more often than you make bad ones, and you win. Make bad decisions too often, and you lose. Simple? Yes. Easy? No….

Free Webinar: The 4 Secrets of Predictable Success (Co-hosted by Michael Port)

Are you building a business? Does it sometimes seem like a never-ending process of trial and error – with more trials (and errors) than you’d like? How would it feel if you could short-circuit 80% of that trial and error and replace it with a…

Free Webinar: Building a Highly Effective Team

Do you work with a team? Are you dependent on others to achieve your goals? If so, you won’t want to miss the next Predictable Success Webinar: Building a Highly Effective Team. In this free 60-minute webinar (45 minutes presentation, 15…

Synergistic teamwork at its most (impressively) basic

If you manage or work in or with teams of any sort, you must watch this video. Note the instructions given at the start, watch what happens, then listen carefully to the question asked right at the end: This is an example of a team working…