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The Worrying Lesson for Every Business Leader in Apple’s Earnings Announcement

A version of this article appeared at Financial journalists are pretty much agreed that Apple blew it out of the water with last week’s earnings announcement. Higher than expected revenue and profits, increased dividends (and a promise…

Are you a change agent – or just an arsonist?

A version of this article appeared at It’s a good time of the year to start something new. Actually, any time of the year is a good time to start something new. When it comes to change, the time of the year isn’t usually at issue….

The Whole Picture

At the Inc. 500|5000 Conference, Les gave a presentation about the 7 Stages of Every Growing Business. In it, he explained not only the stages of Predictable Success, but also the key team members involved and how their leadership styles impact…

Carpet-Bombing The Organization: Leaders Who Talk To Think

A version of this article appeared at Some leaders – specifically, those with a Visionary style – use debate and discussion as a way to frame their thoughts and opinions. To find out what they really think about a problem or…