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The Synergist and Predictable Success by Les McKeown

Welcome to the Predictable Success Webinar Series.

Each month Les McKeown explores an aspect of leadership, teamwork and business growth in greater detail through the Predictable Success Webinar Series, a series of free, one-hour webinars.

Please note that while no prior knowledge of Les’s books ‘Predictable Success‘, ‘The Synergist‘, or ‘Do Lead‘ is required, existing readers will also find new material in the webinars not covered in the books.


Registration is free, and replay details are available if you can’t make the webinar ‘live’.

Webinar Replay: How to be an Exceptional Processor Leader

How to be an exceptional Processor leaderRational and analytical by nature, Processors have an innate desire to bring order to everything they do. Their attention to detail, coupled with their ability to optimize systems and processes, enables them to enhance the efficiency, consistency and scalability of the enterprises they manage.

While a Processor’s objective, data-driven mindset offers many advantages, it also creates certain challenges when striving to become a truly exceptional leader.

Rather than swinging for the fences, their aversion to risk and uncertainty can lead to a reliance on predictable, highly controlled systems and processes as preferred solutions.

If you’re a Processor leader (not sure? Find out if you are with this free quiz), you’ll want to watch this webinar led by Predictable Success Coach and Consultant Claudette Rowley, where we examine:

  • The 4 key strengths every Processor possesses – and how to leverage those strengths for maximum results;
  • The 3 underutilized skills latent in every Processor – and how to cultivate those skills to greatest effect;
  • The 4 damaging myths Processors believe about themselves – and how you can free yourself from their power;
  • The 3 things which Processors are nearly always wrong about – and how to get them right.

And much, much more…

Note: If you don’t hear any sound after pressing the play button, use the volume slider (to the left of the ‘HD’ icon) to raise the sound level.

Put these powerful principles to work for your organization! Our Acceleration Program will show you how.

Below are links to each of the resources mentioned at some point on the call, as well as additional ones that may be of value (click each underlined link to access the relevant resource).


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 (But worth every penny):

The Predictable Success Acceleration Program is here.
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‘Predictable Success’ (the book) is here.

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