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The Synergist and Predictable Success by Les McKeown

Welcome to the Predictable Success Webinar Series.

Each month Les McKeown explores an aspect of leadership, teamwork and business growth in greater detail through the Predictable Success Webinar Series, a series of free, one-hour webinars.

Please note that while no prior knowledge of Les’s books ‘Predictable Success‘, ‘The Synergist‘, or ‘Do Lead‘ is required, existing readers will also find new material in the webinars not covered in the books.


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Webinar Replay: Working with (or for) a Synergist

Working with (or for) Synergist-style colleagues offers a unique set of benefits and challenges, which will depend in part upon your own leadership style.

Synergist is a “people person” who thrives in the company of others. These individuals enjoy being in group environments and are especially adept at understanding and managing the dynamics such settings entail.

While Visionaries, Operators, and Processors tend to primarily focus on their own desires and preferences, the Synergist is primarily focused on what is best for the enterprise – whether it’s the organization, department, project or issue being discussed. Synergists are able to be persuasive without being manipulative, which is quite helpful when trying to reach a consensus.

Because Synergists excel in group environments, which are where Operators least like to be as they consider meetings to be distractions from the “real” work at hand, it will sometimes take longer for these two styles to mesh. Processors, who think tactically and prefer to replicate what they have done previously, may find the Synergist’s strategic view and innovative/improvisational style to be disconcerting. Visionaries, on the other hand, will often share the Synergist’s strategic perspective and improvisational tendencies, at least until the Visionary is drawn to a new idea or project that commands their attention.

If you work with or for a Synergist – or if you are one yourself (not sure? Check out if you are with this free quiz), you’ll want to watch this free webinar where we’ll show:

  • The 7 key attributes every Synergist displays
    – and how to respond to those attributes for optimum results;
  • The 5 great skills latent in every Synergist
    – and how to bring those skills out in every environment;
  • The ‘self-destruct’ buttons Synergists press when under pressure
    – and how you can prevent them from happening;
  • The 3 keys to building harmoniously effective teams including strong Synergists
    – learn how to develop a high-performance team that gets the best from Synergists – whether or not the ‘S’ is the titular head of the team.

In this webinar you’ll also learn how to work with Synergists so that they can be involved positively in any group or team’s activities.

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Below are links to each of the resources mentioned at some point on the call, as well as additional ones that may be of value (click each underlined link to access the relevant resource).


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 (But worth every penny):

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