Predictable Success

{Get your organization on the growth track - and keep it there}


In this chapter we were properly introduced to the one style which is going to help us find our way out of gridlock, The Synergist.

We saw that a Synergist is:
– Optional in group settings
– Focused on the enterprise
– A style anyone can learn (to degrees of competency)
– Only necessary in the V,O and P environment

And that a Synergist will typically:
– Regulate
– Resolve
– Interpret
– Evaluate
– Sequence and Choreograph
– Connect
– Harmonize
– Move things forward

Finally we saw that a synergist can appear in a number of different ways:
– Evolved through a V,O and P team
– As a Visionary+Synergist
– As a Processor+Synergist
– As an Operator+Synergist
– As a naturally occuring Synergist

The resources for this chapter will allow you to go deeper into learning about the Synergist, what characteristics they have and where the emerge from.

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