Predictable Success

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The Synergist and Predictable Success by Les McKeown

Welcome to the Predictable Success Webinar Series.

Each month Les McKeown explores an aspect of leadership, teamwork and business growth in greater detail through the Predictable Success Webinar Series, a series of free, one-hour webinars.

Please note that while no prior knowledge of Les’s books ‘Predictable Success‘, ‘The Synergist‘, or ‘Do Lead‘ is required, existing readers will also find new material in the webinars not covered in the books.


Registration is free, and replay details are available if you can’t make the webinar ‘live’.

Webinar Replay: Do Lead Invitation-Only Deep Dive

Do Lead Invitation-only Webinar

During this exclusive event, Les McKeown shares key leadership lessons and tools from ‘Do Lead’ that will enable you to bring out the best from within yourself and your team.

In order to view this webinar, simply purchase ‘Do Lead’, email a copy of your receipt to, and you’ll receive instructions regarding how to access the replay.

In the What It Means to Lead webinar, we debunked the myths of leadership and showed how anyone can lead at any time. Now Les is diving deeper into specific tactics and tools you can use to enhance your leadership skills immediately. In this webinar you will learn:

  • Five steps that will enable you to lead from anywhere.
    Not a formal leader? These steps will enable you to step up, contribute, and put yourself on the path to becoming one – should you choose. Already a leader? Discover how to drive leadership deeper and cultivate it from employees throughout your organization. Les will be sharing specific tips on how to implement each of these five steps.
  • How to identify your leadership style (and those of others) and then maximize it.
    Know which opportunities are best suited to your specific talents and use this to help lead those around you toward achieving common goals. For current leaders, learn how to tap into the massive pool of leadership talent that’s just waiting to be utilized. Les will examine the unique skills of all four leadership styles.
  • The power of consistency of purpose (COP).
    What differentiates a flash-in-the-pan from someone whose leadership spans a lifetime? Discover the power of having consistency of purpose and how it will elevate not only your focus but your longevity as a leader. Les will reveal how to identify your consistency of purpose and apply it.
  • The essential tools you need to lead.
    What’s the skill set every leader must have? Find out and learn how to put it to work for you. Les will provide specific tools and resources.

You’ll also gain access to the Q & A session that follows, where Les answers an array of leadership questions from webinar participants.

Access this leadership deep dive today! 

(To view the webinar replay, simply email a copy of your Do Lead receipt to: